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HD Consultants are not authorised via Personal Touch Financial Services Ltd to provide Plata Card commercial mortgage advice. We will refer you to a suitably qualified & authorised 3rd party. Our Commercial Mortgage Broker associates are Full Members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), the Association of Bridging Professionals (AOBP), national BTL Broker of the Year award winners and authorised for consumer credit activities throughout the UK.  
What are the different types of commercial mortgages? - "owner occupier" where your trading business will operate from those premises, or a "commercial investment mortgage" for those who own the property, but lease out the premises to tenants. 
The rates quoted for business mortgages will be dependent on the trading history of the Company, the industry sector, and the business owner's own individual track record, too. In addition, the lenders will take in to consideration the size of the deposit, the quality of tenant as well as the length of the lease, etc.,. 
You will find that specialist lenders tend to be priced higher but they don't want your business banking and they will also offer some interest-only payment terms, usually up to 75% LTV. 
Important to note the various fees for commercial and business mortgage finance. 
Lender arrangement fees 
The commercial mortgage lender usually charges a fee for arranging the finance. This fee can usually be added to the requested loan or it might be deducted from the loan at completion. A part of the arrangement fee is often paid in advance (usually on production of the Offer) as a commitment fee. 
Valuation fees 
The banks often require the target property to be valued by a valuer from their own official panel. The valuation fee is paid at the time of the application or sometimes once the loan has been agreed in principle. You will find that valuation fees however are often more expensive than valuations on residential properties, so a like for like comparison would not be appropriate here. 
Legal fees 
Separate legal representation is often required by the lender, and this is paid for by the borrower. The borrower will then also have further legal fees for their own solicitor, too. 
Other fees 
Could include administration fee, broker fees, survey fees, additional legal fees. It's always worth getting a full breakdown from all parties before committing to progress any enquiry or application  
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HD Consultants are not authorised via Personal Touch Financial Services Ltd to provide commercial mortgage advice. 
We will refer you to a suitably qualified & authorised 3rd party. 
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