Buy To Let 

What is a Buy to Let Mortgage? - A 'buy to let mortgage' is a financial product which is to be secured on a property which is owned and rented out for profit.  
If a property owner lives in it, or intends to live in it, the mortgage arrangement put in place should be a traditional residential mortgage product instead. 
Arranging a Buy To Let Mortgage - It’s essential for landlords to understand the ins, outs, pros and cons of buy to let before rushing in to BTL's. The team working behind the scenes of www. Property Tribes Financial Services .com has vast experience over many years of assisting property investors. As BTL Broker of the Year award winners, we are well placed to understand the needs of a property investor and how to source and secure the right single or portfolio BTL arrangement. 
Whether you already have a large property portfolio or a single BTL asset, the market is competitive and we can help you sift through your options and compare the range of buy to let mortgages available. 
BTL Mortgage Best Buys - Below you will find a wide selection of the latest BTL mortgage deals. The data is updated live and in real time. To confirm your eligibility for the mortgages listed, you can either call us on 01206 654 444 or click the 'Enquire' button and send us a message 
See the 'best' 2, 3 or 5 yr fixed rate options or review them in best value LTV order instead.  
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