McKay Thomas reads about startups and technology.

The web is full of knowledgeable people sharing things that my life would be less without. I have spent the last few years trying to collect some of these people, and this is where I keep them.

Ben Horowitz & also

Brad Feld & also

Chris Dixon & also

John Gruber & also

David Lee & also

Fred Wilson & also

Marco Arment & also

Mark Suster & also

Matt Bartus & also

Information Architects & also

MG Siegler (Svbtle) & also

MG Siegler (Techcrunch) & also

MG Siegler (Parislemon) & also

Mick Hagen & also

Dan Frommer & also

Mills Baker & also

Joel Spolsky & also

Michael Arrington & also

Dave McClure.

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